Council Meetings, Minutes, Agendas, Planning Addendums and Audio Files

Parish Council Meetings - Update 18th Jun 2021

The next Parish Council meeting on the 21st June will be back in the Village Hall commencing at 7:00pm. Please see below the Risk Assessment for the meeting together. A layout plan will be displayed at the venue on the night. 

Risk Assessment For Returning to Face to Face meetings                  

Please note that the Maximum number allowed in the Hall is 23, made up of 15 spaces for Councillors and staff and 8 seats for the public. Everyone should bring their own masks to wear inside. These can be removed when seated, but must be worn at all other times.

As per the Government recommendation, the circulation of paper documents is suspended, so please print and bring you own copies for the meeting. You will be able to find these under Council Meetings, Minutes, Agendas, and Planning Addendums.

If you have any questions which you would like a detailed reply to at the meeting, please email these in advance to


  Click here for the Council Meetings Minutes, Agendas and Planning Addendums


 Parish Council Meeting 21st June 2021.Please see below for Lead Members Reports.

Flooding and Grounds Reports - Cllr. Thompson

Properties Report - Cllr. Mrs M Davies 

Events Report - Cllr. Corcoran 

Environmental Awareness Group Report  - Cllr. Corcoran


The Annual Parish Meeting was held on 29th April 2021. Please see below for Lead Members Reports.

Chairman's Report - Cllr. Mrs. O'Flynn 

Finance and Administration Report - Cllr. T. O'Flynn 

Properties Report- Cllr. Mrs. M. Davies

Grounds and Flooding Reports - Cllr. I. Thompson 

Events & EA Group annual summary report - Cllr. A. Corcoran 

Planning Report - Cllr. D. Buckley 



 As agreed by Council at the October Meeting 2019 audio files will remain on the web site for 6 months.



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Meetings of the Council will be held in the Village Hall normally on the second Monday of the Month starting at 7.00pm

 NOTE. Minutes are UNAPPROVED until they have been APPROVED AND SIGNED at the next meeting of the Council and may therefore be subject to alterations. Hard copies of the Agenda's, Planning Addendum's and Minutes are available from the parish office during normal opening hours and at the council meeting.