Datchet Bus Service Update

Published: 09 November 2018

Overview is, the bus from Heathrow at 1040 will go to Slough instead of Windsor, arriving 1120, then departing 1135 back to Heathrow. So passengers could get the early bus at 0725 and return at 1135, or the later risers can get the 1055 and come back on the 1535.


Services running via Horton will be numbered 10A (or 11A from Slough, only the 0810 departure goes that way).

The current school bus via Langley at 0725 and returning at 1535 will be numbered 11S (for school) whilst the new daytime 11 will go via Slough Road, like the old First 11 route.


On Sunday we are combing the service 2 with the bus to Heathrow, so in the middle of the day there will be a 2 from Dedworth to Slough, where it will change to 11 to Heathrow. Same in reverse. The early and late journeys will still run as 10/10A direct to/from Windsor. However, there will be a reduction in frequency in the middle of the day to a service each way every 2.5 hours, but at least it will go via Slough.