Children's Play Equipment & Outdoor Gym - Announcement 3rd July 2020

Published: 03 July 2020

The Government recently announced that Play Ares and Outdoor Gyms could be re-opened on 4th July 2020 and produced guidance on how these should be safely re-opened and managed effectively to enable their use, whilst minimising the transmission risk of COVID-19.

The full guidance is available at:

The guidance includes the requirement for the Parish Council to carry out an appropriate COVID-19 risk assessment, which we have done.

Our Risk Assessment takes each of the Key Principles as set out in the guidance and assesses whether or not the Council can put practical arrangements in place for the Play Areas and Outdoor Gym.

On the basis of this assessment the Green Gym will re-open tomorrow with signage about what to do/not to do when using the equipment, including arrows indicating a one way, clockwise system around the main Big Rig. The Tennis Courts and MUGA have already been re-opened.

Unfortunately, having assessed what is required to get the play areas ready to re-open safely, we did not have the staff or resources to do this for this weekend and as such, for the time being, the Play Areas remain Closed.

It is our top priority to get the Play Areas re-opened safely, as soon as possible, and we will be working on this next week including putting in place measures to promote social distancing on certain items and carrying out a one-off deep clean of all of the equipment.

Once this has been done we will re-open the Play Areas and will put up signage on what to do/not to do when using the equipment.

Your patience is appreciated and remember: - You should not use the Recreation Ground if you are showing coronavirus