Published: 11 November 2020

As a consequence of the Returning Officer having received no written requests for a Parish election by the deadline of the 16th October 2020, the Parish Council, as a statutory requirement, will now fill the vacancy by co-option.

A person is eligible to be co-opted to the council provided they are qualified pursuant to section 79 of the 1972 Local Government Act and are not disqualified pursuant to section 80 of the same Act. The Council will require candidate(s) to certify in writing that they meet the requirements and are not disqualified. Full details about the provisions of 1972 Act can be provided on request.

Interested individuals should write to the Clerk to the Council at the above address, by the 30th November 2020 setting out their name and address together with why they might have an interest in becoming part of the Council and what experience and qualifications they could bring. The Council will need to fairly consider if candidates are suitable for co-option and to do this all candidates will be asked to complete a person specification.

The Council will consider the applications for co-option at the Council meeting scheduled for the 14th December 2020. At the end of the meeting candidates will be invited to put forward their case for co-option to members. Following this the meeting will come to a close and the council will move into a Part II meeting to come to a decision. Individuals will be advised of the decision, in writing, as soon as practical after the meeting.

Should an individual be offered co-option and accepts, it will be necessary for that person to complete a Declaration of Acceptance of Office and the completion of a copy of the Register of Members Financial and Other Interests. Compliance with a Code of Conduct will also be required.

For further information please email or telephone the Parish Office.

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Tel: - 01753 773499