E. A. Update: Jubilee River, Black Potts weir repairs. Feb 2021

Published: 03 March 2021

The Jubilee River is part of the Maidenhead Windsor and Eton Flood Alleviation Scheme (MWEFAS) and is a man-made 11.6 km stretch of naturalistic river and habitats, reducing the flood risk to approximately 3,000 properties. Black Potts Weir is the final weir on the Jubilee River, it slows down water as it moves over it allowing us to reduce flood risk and manage river levels. In August 2020, our divers surveyed the weir and found that downstream area of the weir had been eroded and required immediate repair. From October to December 2020 our project team of engineers and construction experts worked extremely hard to complete the first phase of works as planned. This work included removing damaged concrete from around the weir and placing new sheet piling. During this phase of the repair works we were unable to operate the Jubilee River. Now that the first phase is complete we are able to safely operate the Jubilee River. The amount of flow we pass down the Jubilee River is determined by the level of flood risk to people and property and the safety of the weir and railway viaduct.

Read the full report and see a video that explains how the Jubilee River works and how it has reduced the risk of flooding in recent weeks. HERE