Public Meeting - Datchet Village Hall on Wednesday 7th Sept at 7pm

Published: 05 September 2022

There will be a Public meeting organised by Datchet Parish Council, held in the Datchet Village Hall on Wednesday 7th September at 7pm to allow the community to come together to discuss the Home Office decision to place Asylum Seekers in the rural village of Datchet.

Currently, this is an undemocratic decision that deserves to be debated in public to best manage this situation, but also to officially gauge and record the thoughts and opinions of our Village Residents so DPC can provide feedback to the Home Office on your behalf.

We will be inviting all local Councillors, the Home Office, Police, MP’s, Press and all Agencies to help support Resident’s on this issue.

We hope as many of you join us as possible, whatever your view on this is, as all opinions will be welcome.